Tree Inventory

The purpose of a tree inventory is to provide an assessment of the existing condition of trees on a project site to generate baseline data.  Data collected and recorded in a spreadsheet from the tree inventory can be used in developing an appropriate management plan specific to each property.

In each tree inventory report, mitigation measures for future impacts are identified and recommended as well as protective measures to ensure the health and preservation of valuable urban forests.  Building accurate, comprehensive urban forest maps in combination with a standard tree inventory report provides the tools necessary for the health, maintenance, and future of your investment.

Utilizing maps generated from GPS and GIS software, owners and property managers are able to efficiently and effectively locate, monitor, and plan for individual trees of concern around their property. Accompanying a tree inventory with detailed, high-resolution maps provide the most modern of tools and resources for managing your urban forest.

All reports will be prepared by International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Certified Arborist, Certified Tree Worker “Climber Specialist”, Tree Risk Assessment Qualified (TRAQ) arborist and California licensed Tree Service Contractor Michael McLaughlin (B.S., Natural Resources) and GIS Technician/Cartographer Jason Alplanalp (Ph.D., Geological Sciences, NI 43-101 Qualified Person).

All tree inventories are customized to suit the client’s needs and budget.  Elements found within a comprehensive tree inventory report are as follows:

  1. Tree Inventory Data (Location, Tree Specifications)
  2. Materials, Methods, Procedures
  3. Site Plan Presentation (Maps, Visuals, Photographs)
  4. Tree Health Management (Fuels Reduction, Future Management Consultations)
  5. Tree Distributions by Size and Species
  6. Tree Inventory Zone Maps
  7. Tree Inventory Assessment, Recommendations, and Planning by Zone